American Dream

Growing up in Fort Collins, Gino worked alongside his father, a stonemason, hauling stone and turning sweat into profit. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in civil engineering, he married his high school sweetheart, Michele. Then, Gino began building his own American Dream – brick by brick.

Gino scraped together every penny he could find and bought his first house in Fort Collins for twenty-six thousand dollars. He fixed it up and sold it for a small profit – then bought his next house and did it again. Now, Gino builds large multifamily projects and residential developments. His company, Bellisimo Inc., is an industry leader in innovative sustainable communities.

Bellisimo has built dozens of projects in Northern Colorado and helped reimagine neighborhoods, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and accessible local agriculture. Gino’s passion for hospitality and community have also come to fruition at the award-winning Jessup Farm Artisan Village. Here, his family owns a rustic-inspired modern farm fare restaurant named The Farmhouse and also Jessup Farm Barrel House, a local brewery located right next door.

After serving on numerous local boards, Gino successfully ran for City Council in 2013. As a member of the Fort Collins City Council, Gino leaned on his business experience to oversee a $700 million budget and helped to reduce the city’s debt by over 36% in four years by renegotiating debt and cutting waste. Gino has served as the Chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party and was appointed by President Donald Trump to serve with his administration. The Obama Administration also asked him to serve on projects such as ‘It’s on Us’ – a national initiative to end sexual assault and domestic violence. 

Gino has built his American Dream brick by brick, but the foundation of his life rests firmly with his wife, Michele, and their four children: Alexandra, Ariella, Maurizio, and Milana. Gino’s devotion to his family and involvement in the community is on full display when it comes to coaching his kids. Gino coached wrestling for twenty years locally and has coached over 50 local youth soccer teams.

Gino Campana was given the opportunity to live the American Dream thanks to the compassion of one American soldier in 1943. Now, Gino is ready to fight to give every American family the opportunity to live the same dream.

He believes that together, the people of Colorado can begin laying the foundation of that opportunity, brick by brick, by standing with Gino for Senate as he challenges Senator Michael Bennet in 2022.

I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer and watch career politicians turn the American Dream into a Socialist Nightmare


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