Gino is a common-sense conservative who believes in a limited government that ensures every American can pursue their own American Dream. Our country was built by ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and government should allow our citizens to do what we do best – innovate, prosper, and thrive.

Fundamental to a free America is the right to free speech. Billions of people around the world envy our First Amendment rights, but those rights are under threat. Gino will fight against big tech companies who use their platforms to censor Americans from any political party.

One illegal vote is one too many. Gino believes our elections, the foundation of our republic, need to be the safest and most secure in the world. Gino believes in safe and secure elections that allow every American to vote legally. He does not support the massive federal takeover of elections proposed in Washington D.C. and is firmly against taxpayer funds for political attack ads.

Extremist politicians like Senator Michael Bennet, who supports late-term abortions, should have no place in Washington D.C. Gino is a lifelong Catholic who will never vote to allow taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

Gino believes that respecting the sanctity and dignity of life goes from the womb to the grave. Gino will work tirelessly to address the massive mental health, homelessness, and addiction crisis Colorado faces. Drug overdose deaths increased 59% in Colorado during the pandemic, according to the Denver Post. Colorado is facing the largest jump in overdose deaths in 20 years. While many elected politicians haven’t prioritized this issue, Gino will work to address the mental health and addiction crisis across the state.

Gino is a pro-constitution conservative who will vote for Supreme Court Justices that are strict constitutionalists who adhere to the law rather than legislating from the bench.

When it comes to protecting our Second Amendment, Gino will support the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Citizens and sportsmen alike can rest assured that they will have an advocate for our Second Amendment rights in Washington.