Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and we are blessed with a multitude of opportunities for outdoor recreation, an abundance of natural resources, and an amazing workforce.

It’s time we had a Senator who will fight for every Colorado job and not the Washington special interests. Gino believes an all-of-the-above energy policy will help protect Colorado’s leading role in the clean energy economy while also protecting Colorado’s role in producing clean and cheap fossil fuels and energy jobs. He will never stop fighting to make sure the industries of the future call Colorado home.

Gino will advocate for the use of technology and innovation to help grow our way towards meeting our energy needs. He believes we must stop using heavy-handed government techniques to destroy our energy economy here in Colorado.

Gino’s energy policies will strive to ensure that the United States is energy independent and is not at the mercy of foreign suppliers like OPEC and Russia. When we place American energy first, Coloradans will benefit from less expensive energy and peace of mind.

Whether it is our vital energy economy or our growing tech industry, Colorado jobs will require reliable infrastructure investments to ensure we meet our future growth goals. Gino will be an advocate for common sense infrastructure investments that keep the economy growing.

Finally, the labor shortages and constantly changing regulatory environment due to COVID-19 needs to be fixed. As a business owner, Gino understands the frustration of ever-changing government regulations and the insecurity of not knowing when your livelihood can re-open for business. Colorado business owners in the restaurant industry and every other type of industry need certainty surrounding the future.