Crime is on the rise across the country. According to recent statistics released by the FBI in Colorado, violent crime is at a 25 year high. We cannot continue to allow our state to experience rampant crime and critical decline. Gino is a strong supporter of our police, firefighters, and first responders. As a member of the Fort Collins City Council, he was able to work closely with the members of our community who put on the uniform and work hard to keep all of us safe.

Families and businesses across Colorado expect to live in a safe environment where they do not have to worry about their children’s safety on a daily basis. The most fundamental duty of our elected officials is to keep us safe. Politicians like Senator Michael Bennet and Joe Biden are failing to fulfill this fundamental duty.

Any conversation on crime must also acknowledge the tremendous danger posed to our children and communities by drugs such as fentanyl. This drug and others like it are being trafficked across our southern border. Coloradans are dying from the disease of addiction and the countless dangers born from it. In fact, there were 1,313 overdose deaths in Colorado last year – more than three of our fellow Coloradans a day. Careless politicians like Senator Bennet are unwilling to stand up and secure our border.

In Washington, Gino will fight to secure our southern border, work diligently to end the flow of illicit drugs ruining the lives of thousands of Coloradans and stop human tracking. It’s time that Coloradans across the state feel safe in their own homes and cities. Gino is fiercely committed to doing just that.