One illegal vote is one too many. Gino believes our elections, the foundation of our republic, need to be the safest and most secure in the world. Gino believes in safe and secure elections that allow every American to vote legally. He does not support the massive federal takeover of elections proposed in Washington D.C. and is firmly against taxpayer funds for political attack ads.

As an American citizen, one of the things Gino proudly shares with his fellow Americans is the privilege to vote. This ability and responsibility is one we should not take lightly. By right, it is only reserved to American citizens, and as such, we should make every attempt to exercise it. It is perhaps our most important civic duty!

Unfortunately, American’s confidence in our election system is the lowest it has ever been. It is time for our elected officials to restore our faith by: requiring citizens to show a government issued photo ID at the polls and by requiring voter rolls to be accurate.

In a day and age of ever-increasing technological advances, it is important to have safeguards in place that ensure the identities of all individuals. In our modern society, one needs a photo ID to buy a craft beer or even to obtain state unemployment benefits. Requiring every American citizen to prove they are who they say they are by showing a government-issued photo ID, before they cast a ballot, is common sense that is supported by 85% of Americans! And we must ensure our voter rolls are rid of deceased voters, voters who have moved out of state, and voters who have been listed more than once.