As a child of immigrants and a first generation American, Gino understands firsthand the role hard work plays in realizing the American dream. Growing up in a family where every dollar counted, Gino is dedicated to ensuring responsible use of taxpayer dollars. A passionate entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, Gino knows the meaning of responsible economics and the importance of keeping rampant government from stifling economic prosperity and individual determination and opportunity. A taxpayer dollar wasted by the government is one less dollar that could have gone towards a family’s rent or grocery bill.  It’s your money; not the governments.

Inflation is on the rise and Coloradans are paying more for basic goods. Inflation is a hidden tax that negatively impacts every family’s budget. Colorado families can’t afford the Bennet-Biden economic policies any longer.  And we can’t afford their plan to transform the American dream into a socialist nightmare.

Gino will fight to reign in out-of-control federal spending and keep taxes low so job creators can do what they do best. As a city council member, he oversaw a $700 million budget and reduced the city’s debt by 36%.

In Washington, Gino will fight to cut spending, implement common-sense regulatory reform, and push back against the array of inflation and tax increasing  policies promoted by Senator Bennet and President Biden.

To ensure future generations of Americans have the opportunity to live the American Dream, Gino believes we need to stimulate the economy, limit government overreach, and invest in critical infrastructure.

Every American family knows the importance of paying their bills and investing in the future. It is time the politicians in Washington thought the same way.